Event Planning

Corporate Social Events

The purpose of any corporate event is to improve business in some way, whether that is by recognising colleagues of their performance through an awards event or holding a business to business social event to gain new clients and up revenue.

When it comes to putting on a corporate social event, the list of things to do seems to never end, and for those without experience it can quickly become overwhelming. When large events are planned and delivered correctly, their worth to your business can be invaluable – but the opposite is just as true if they do not pan out as expected.

Working with LH Events ensures the small details are taken care of so that larger, unmanageable issues cannot develop unexpectedly. With vast experience in planning weddings and events over the past 9 years we are great at multi-tasking and being super organised.

As part of our service we will also provide a marketing strategy that will outline our approach to marketing your event with budgets and timelines. As we are experienced in Social Media and Digital marketing we can provide this for you at a cost or you can implement the strategy in-house with your marketing team. 

As part of our service this could include:

  • Booking venues and creating venue layout plans

  • Negotiating and coordinating with suppliers

  • Managing guest invitations or registration

  • Arranging travel and accommodations for out-of-town guests, speakers or performers

  • Selecting, scheduling and negotiating with speakers and performers

  • Assessing risks and creating a risk management plan

  • Managing or coordinating with the venue and suppliers

  • Consulting with our client throughout the planning process

   Our fees for Corporate Event Planning is 15% of the overall budget of the event or a minimum fee of £2500.




Charity Fundraising Events

If you are a charity or looking to organise a charity fundraising event we can assist with all aspects, from planning a theme to organising donations and sponsors, food and refreshments to the entertainment for the event. When planning a successful fundraising reception, you must provide guests with good value for their money whilst raising funds at the same time.

Fundraisers fall into one of two categories:  reception-based and activity-based and both have their own challenges when it comes to organising all aspects of the event. 

We can help with all the red tape issues, finding the right location and putting together a marketing plan to ensure that you get a great footfall and make lots of much needed money for your charity.



As part of our service when planning your corporate event or fundraising event we will provide all aspects of planning including:

  • ·         Creative concepts, theme and design

  • ·         Bespoke styling

  • ·         Venue Finding

  • ·         Custom invites, stationery and signage

  • ·         Guestlist and RSVP management

  • ·         Supplier Sourcing

  • ·         Set up and decoration management

  • ·         Budget Planning and Recommendations

  • ·         Timelines and Layout plans for the day

  • ·         On the day Management

  • ·         Prep and Budget Management

  • ·         Venue Selection

  • ·         Event Registration

  • ·         Management of Venue

  • ·         Lighting, Sound and Production

  • ·         Arrangement of Activities 

  • ·         Design and Printing of Stationery, 

  • ·         Badges and Signage

  • ·         On site staff 

  •            Transportation Organisation 

                      Charity Fundraising Events will be charged at a flat fee upon discussion of the event. 

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