Why hire me to plan your wedding?

Updated: Mar 22

Hiring a planner means having someone you can trust and can turn to when making decisions but also who has your best interests at heart when any problems arise.

Wedding planning is all about the process and working together from the very beginning of your planning to the finish, where you have held the wedding, celebrated at the reception and off on your honeymoon ensuring that the day itself goes smoothly and any fires are put out without you even knowing they existed behind the scenes.

Its not just about venue decoration and the final result, its the journey together to build your perfect day piece by piece with your style and personality.

I will work with you to build your master budget and help with your payment schedule for suppliers and the venue.

One of my jobs is to anticipate your needs but also to give you different options that you would not necessarily have thought of and ensure that your guests have a memorable experience.

I will help you to decide on a venue and give recommendations on experienced and highly competent suppliers for your day including Cake Maker, Venue Dresser and Photographer.

I will be a mediator between you and your venue/suppliers so any logistics and problems can be managed and discussed through me rather than giving you as a couple unnecessary stress.

I will create a detailed timeline for our planning time and room layout and timeline for the day of the wedding. The day of timeline and layout plan will be given to the suppliers and the venue so they know exactly what your plans are before the day to ensure coordination from the start.

I am here to ensure the day runs exactly how as you have planned and is executed properly.

Although you may have a venue based wedding coordinator, ultimately their allegiance is with the venue they work for so while they may be happy to set up some smaller items, they are there on the day to make sure that the food is served on time not whether your DJ is paying your requested song list or whether there is enough pens for the guest book.

I will oversee every detail big or small leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day and as I am your wedding planner everything I do is in you and your guests interests rather than the venues.

Some people think that hiring a wedding planner is only for rich people but I will work with all budgets (min fee applies).

It may be that you have a very busy life or both work full time and juggling life and children and may not have much spare time to plan a full wedding, having to look around venues, get quotes from several suppliers and get samples of stationery etc to make a decision. All of this will be done for you and the list shortened for you to choose from.

I have several options when it comes to hiring me to plan your wedding please take a look at my Wedding planning Page HERE.

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